a photo of kylie jenner on a billboard above a los angeles bike shop

Where is there a Bike Shop near Me? Bike Shop LA- Your Neighborhood Bike Shop

Happy Summer from the Bike Shop LA crew. We hope you’ve been enjoying this summer, biking around town, and exploring everything we love about Los Angeles.

It’s been a year of being indoors, a year of immense flux, and most of all, a year of overwhelming change. We want you to know that we’re here for you, and not only that, we’re not going anywhere. Bike Shop LA will continue to be your neighborhood bike shop in tough times and easy, pandemic and “new normal”- we’re here to stay, to serve, and to keep your wheels spinning. So let’s reintroduce ourselves, shall we? We’re Bike Shop LA, and it’s so nice to be your neighborhood bike shop. Nice to meet you.


a photo of kylie jenner on a billboard above a los angeles bike shop

Oh yeah. That’s us, hanging with our friend, Kylie Jenner. We’re next door neighbors!

5 Things to Know About Bike Shop LA

We’re LA locals

Bike Shop LA has been operating for the past decade, offering outdoor bike tours, local bike repair services, and new bikes for sale in the heart of West Hollywood. We’re on the corner of Santa Monica and La Cienega, offering friends, neighbors, and visitors all over a warm welcome to all. We’ve encouraged and enriched the neighborhood by creating more pedestrian, as opposed to automobile traffic in our neighborhood, creating a community of like minded, eco-friendly people in West Hollywood. While we DO have a large parking lot in the back of our store, we are the biggest fans of eco-friendly and sustainable travel, and encourage you to walk on in, and say hi.

Speaking of saying hi…meet our A-Team!

Our staff all pride ourselves in being friendly, fun, and passionate about making LA EVERYONE’S neighborhood- we love exploring all that outdoor Los Angeles has to offer. We’re actors, comedians, bikers, educators, and all fully vaccinated! Most importantly, we all love what we do, and are so excited to welcome you to LA. Watch for some of us on your TV screens, your TikTok discover pages, and on your LA tours. And of course, come on by the shop and introduce yourself. We’re also now hiring…you too, could one day be a part of our team!


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We’re a small business…and we continue to survive!

Part of what makes us an awesome neighborhood bike shop is that we’re a small business, and we keep it in the family! Bike Shop LA started over a decade ago, just with a few dollars and a dream by owner and founder Danny Roman. Roman was looking for a way to change people’s minds about car culture, traffic, and pollution in Los Angeles, and decided that the best way to experience Los Angeles was (and is!) by bike. He started giving LA bike tours to small groups visiting Los Angeles, and the Bikes and Hikes LA vision was born. Over ten years later, Bikes and Hikes LA has grown into a fully functioning outdoor Los Angeles tour company AND bike shop, open 365 days per year. We offer a huge variety of outdoor activities through our tour company, and also offer bike services and bikes for sale all year round. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to survive and stay open, offering socially distanced, safe, outdoor tours and providing an essential service through our bike repairs and bike shop. We’ll continue to weather the storm and offer bike services for West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills.

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We’ve Always Got Bikes- and the BEST Bike Mechanic in Town!

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Okay. It goes without saying that we have the BEST…THE BADDEST…THE HOTTEST best bikes in the game (this IS Hollywood, after all.) Bike Shop LA carries the most elite fleet of different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, beach cruisers, hybrid bikes, kids bikes, electric bikes, and more. We carry tons of brands of bikes, including Giant, Liv, Momentum, Raleigh, and more. We also have bikes for folks of all ages. If you’ve never ridden a bike, that’s okay! We have bikes for kids ages 7-97 (and yes, we’re talking to you kids at heart, too!) Come on down to our shop and a member of our team will help you find the perfect bike for your needs and cycling goals. Since our inventory is constantly changing, give us a call or come to our bike shop to find out what we currently have. And did we mention our fabulous BIKE MECHANIC? Our expert mechanic, Chris, is a seasoned pro at fixing, repairing, building, and basically all things bikes– and smart and friendly, to boot! Got an issue or a question about your bike? Give Chris a call- he’ll have you sorted out and riding in style in no time. As if all of that wasn’t enough– don’t feel like BUYING a bike today, or unsure which awesome LA bike to commit to? No prob- we offer LA bike rentals – you guessed it- 365 days per year as well! Rent one of our hybrid or electric bikes, and zip around Los Angeles like a local. In no time, you’ll be wanting to ditch your car and snag a premium bike from Bike Shop LA. We can’t wait to help you pick out YOUR brand new bike.

Creating Community, one…Butterfly? at a Time

The FINAL reason why we’re the best bike shop in Los Angeles is that Bike Shop LA is so much more than a bike shop. We’re also enhancing the neighborhood through our eco-friendly approach and by giving back to the community. We are a certified MONARCH BUTTERFLY Sanctuary, and at our brand new Monarch Café, we offer a preserve and home for Monarch Butterflies in West Hollywood. We grow plants, foster rescue animals, and are continuing to build up our programming for schools in Los Angeles. Our goal, and part of our ongoing green initiative is to create outdoor education programs for children, at-risk, underprivileged youth, and community members across the city and greater LA County. We look forward to sharing the joys of the great outdoors in our own back yard (the city of LA) with people young and old from far and wide. Won’t you join us?

Come on over to Bike Shop LA, any day of the week ending in “-y.” Welcome to our community. We’re so happy to have you.