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Beach Cruisers

Beach Cruiser For Sale Los Angeles

Beach Cruisers For Sale

Our cruisers are no frills, simple beach bikes that are guaranteed to give you a relaxed riding style and a chill state of mind. Whether you're headed to the beach, or just need a simple ride around town, our beach cruisers will have you riding in style and comfort!

What is a Beach Cruiser Bike?

A beach cruiser is at home in Los Angeles, with a laid-back riding style, smooth ride, and classic look. A typical cruiser will feature balloon tires, a single-speed drivetrain, coaster (back-pedal) brake, swept-back handlebars, and an ornate frame design. They're simple and easy to ride, perfect for the beach.
They are sometimes set up with a basket on the handlebars or a rack over the rear wheel. They're often seen around town carrying everything from groceries to a surfboard, even a favorite pet. They're versatile and stylish, without a lot of complex mechanical parts to break down, rust, or steal.
While the classic beach cruiser is probably a single-speed bike, most manufacturers now carry a line of cruisers with multiple gears and hand brakes. Some purists might disagree, but a bicycle should be practical above all else. That's why many folks will choose a cruiser with modern touches like multiple speeds and upgraded brakes.
Either way, a beach cruiser will provide a ride that is comfortable, stylish and sturdy.
Perfect for California!

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