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We are the "bike shop near me" that always works for you.  We have built our service menu around three basic ideas;  Free Assesments, Perfect Tune Ups, and Flat Repairs.  Of course we still do major overhauls, frame repair, paint and custom work.  We can overhaul your mountain bike, install a bike rack, or fix your kid's BMX bike. Want to avoid traffic to visit with us?  No problem, we can visit with you over the phone any time you like, and send text messages, emails, and video for when you need to have us assess your bike without having to drop by.  

You may want to restore a classic beach cruiser, adult trike, or a high end Beverly Hills bike shop bicycle.  Brands like Mongoose, Trek, Cannondale, Giant and Specialized are all welcome in our shop.  We are honored to service womens specific bikes, girls bikes, and brands like, Pinarello, Richard Sachs, and Vanilla. Kids bikes are always welcome, and we can service electric bicycles, and change flats on most electric scooters.   


We source the best bike mechanics in the industry.  A good mechanic will take the time to listen to your bike and your needs. Like a good doctor or counselor, a mechanic will warmly greet you and take the time to find out what excites you most about getting your bike ready to roll.   We hire mechanics that listen to you and that are willing to take the time to listen to your needs. 


Because we take the time to listen, call us when you are ready.  We'd love to visit with you.  Simply click on the link below to schedule a repair, or drop by for a free assessment.

Bicycle Chain Heart

Free Diagnosis

A quick and accurate assesment

Our  bicycle repair geniuses make the complicated simple so that you can decide what service is best for you.  


Bicycle Chain Heart

Premium Tune Up

Complete Bicycle Tuning & Service

If your bicycle has been sitting in storage gathering dust, that's not a problem.  All of our tune ups fix your shifting.  Every bolt on your bike will be checked.


Bicycle Chain Heart

Basic Adjustment 

Trouble Free Shifting

 Our worry free basic adjustment will quickly adjust your shifting and brakes. 


Bike Shipping, New Bike Build, Bike Boxing, Bike Shipping Boxes, Bicycle Packaging

Bicycle Build or Box

Professionally packed & unpacked

Our technicians will professionally assemble your new bicycle, or box it up for travel the world over.  Every bike build includes our world class tune up.  Every bike boxing includes premium packaging for safe worry free delivery


Chain Installation, Drivetrain Fix, Bicycle Drivetrain Repair

New Chain Install

Includes Master Link

A new chain ensures that you will not damage your bicycle's drivetrain with a worn out part.  All of our premium chain installs include master links for easy operation and maintenance.


Flat Fix, Carbon Fiber Rim, Tubeless Flat Repair, Latex Tubes, Butyl Tubes

Flat Tire Repair

Includes Tire Safety Check

Whether You have a scooter, a baby stroller, or a fifteen thousand dollar bicycle, we will fix it with gentle care.  Choose our premium flat repair with sealant for worry free riding.


"They take their craft seriously, and are wonderful and honest folks. I walked my bike in with a simple flat tire... There were three employees in the shop, all working silently on separate bicycles. It looked like they were monks, studiously attending to their crafts. That said, I was immediately greeted, and asked how I could be helped."  Emilio Santos

Featured Repair Project 
Cervelo 1x Conversion

Over Two Hundred Bicycles Repaired in less than Two Months
Star Customer Ratings
Thousands of Happy Miles Ridden



If you have a specific concern, please ask and we will find a solution that fits your needs.

We have options.  Sometimes a complex problem may have an easy solution.  Whether you ride a fixed gear bike, or have a twelve speed cassette, we are here to give you a customized experience that makes you happy.  

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