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If you are searching for the best city bikes, look no farther—our city and urban bikes are veritable workhorses, designed to be the perfect combination of road and mountain bikes. These are also referred to as commuter bikes, as they are able to handle any terrain, from city streets to off-road trails. They’re perfect for both long and short rides, and can be outfitted with racks, panniers, lights, and any other accessories you may need for the city. We regularly have new and used Critical Cycles and Giant Bicycles in stock.

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What’s the best city bike on the market?

City & urban bikes combine road and mountain bike components, and are designed to meet the needs of most cyclists, often with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. For many people, the best urban bikes are just regular bikes. They typically have flat or upright handlebars, and wheels and tires that are designed to fill the gap between narrow, slick road tires and knobby, fat off-road or mountain bike tires. Some city & urban bikes fall closer to road bikes, with faster and slicker tires and lightweight frames, but still have flat handlebars. Meanwhile, other city & urban bikes are more similar to mountain bikes, with fat tires and suspension. But regardless of their build, all of these bikes are designed to be versatile.

People choose cool urban bikes for all sorts of reasons. They may want one bike that does it all, or they may want a bike that provides the fast, lightweight components of a road bike but with the upright riding position of flat handlebars. Most of these bikes can handle a variety of tire sizes, and are compatible with accessories such as racks and fenders. Interestingly, a lot of normal road bike frames can’t take these add-ons because of their tight clearances and low weight.

City & urban has grown into its own category of bikes. It can be tough to distinguish between city & urban bikes, cruisers and mountain bikes, but there are some real differences.

In general, it’s best to look at a bicycle as a tool. The way to pick a tool is to determine how it will be used—so you should consider what you’ll use your bike for, and choose a style based on that. If you’re looking for speed on the roads, then pick a road bike. If you’re looking to hit some off-road trails, then you need a mountain bike. A city & urban bike is appropriate if you’re looking for something that will handle a variety of terrain, and that is practical for fun, exercise, and commuting.