Hybrid Bikes

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At Bike Shop LA, our customers buy hybrid bikes more than they do any other style. For most people, the choice of a hybrid bike is a no-brainer because of the versatility they provide. But maybe the decision to go with a hybrid bike over another style isn’t as easy for you. So let’s talk about it.

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Hybrid bikes essentially combine the best attributes of mountain bikes (rugged and durable) and road bikes (light and fast). They can endure a wide range of riding conditions and uses, and are typically stable, comfortable, and easy to use.

People who gravitate towards hybrid bikes include casual riders, novice cyclists, children, and commuters. Here at the shop, we have noticed more and more people in LA ditching their cars in favor of hybrid bikes!

We have a lot of hybrid bikes for sale, and most feature the flat, straight handlebars and upright seating one usually sees on a mountain bike. But these bikes also feature attributes of road bikes, such as thinner wheels (which allow for faster speed with less exertion when riding on the pavement). Hybrid commuter bikes also often have places to mount racks and bags for transporting belongings, much like a touring bike.

One of the best things about hybrid bikes is that they can serve as an introduction to other forms of riding. If you really enjoy the speed and long paved rides, you might a future road bike warrior—maybe even a racer! But, if you enjoy taking your hybrid on the dirt and hitting all the bumps, you may just be a future mountain bike hero.

City riding is made easier with a hybrid bike—especially in LA, where the pavement can be somewhat inconsistent. But the best way to decide if this type of ride is really for you is to check out our hybrid bikes online, or come to Bike Shop LA to take one for a test spin!

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