There’s literally never been a better time to buy a new bike. Here’s why.

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Hello, everyone! We’re about to tell you why your future is about to become a lot cooler. Bike Shop LA has the perfect antidote to early winter ennui and the cure for what ails you: our brand new fleet of bikes delivered this week. There truly has never been a better time to buy a new bike. For the past 7 months, we’ve made it through Zoom after Zoom, sourdough bread fascination, and a huge boom in biking in LA. We’ve also made a point of advocating for a car-free Los Angeles for the better part of a decade. There are so many reasons to make a case for you to buy a new bike today. Here’s why:

5 Reasons Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy a New Bike

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1. Biking DIRECTLY Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s been a tough year, but in some good news, according to the LA Times, by the end of 2020, there will have been the biggest annual drop in carbon emissions since World War II. Scientists predict that by this years’ end we will experience a 7% drop in carbon emissions. While this certainly has been a year of slowing down, staying in, and taking time to appreciate the little things, one easy way to cut back and reduce your carbon footprint is by swapping your four wheeler for a two wheeler. We’ll cheer you on if you ditch your car and buy a new bike, and the planet will thank you, too. If everyone in the United States took one day where they didn’t drive, we would reduce carbon emissions by approximately 3.5 million metric tons. While that’s a small annual amount (0.5% of carbon emissions annually,) if we all ditched cars just one day a month, we’d reduce carbon emissions by 6% annually. (Thank you to this blog post for the cool stats!) Every little bit helps play a part in making our planet a greener, cleaner place. A great way to begin cutting back YOUR carbon emissions is to snag yourself one of our new bikes (see below,) or book yourself an LA bike tour. Cheers to (literal) greener pastures and (literal) clear skies ahead.

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2. Biking is the Safest Way to See LA

2020…where to begin? It was the year we stayed home, picked up new hobbies, learned about the latest in mask fashions, and most importantly, stayed safe for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. Gone are the days of crowded, stuffy tour buses, ride share pools, and crowded public transit. We want you to come visit LA (and take one of our safe LA staycations!) and we want you to experience everything we love about the City of Angels in the safest way possible. These days, that way is seeing LA by bike. Given that we’re spoiled with the most perfect weather year round, biking is safe, sustainable, and easy to do across the largest urban sprawl in the United States. LA has over 19 miles of protected bike lanes, and thousands of options for street bike lanes, bike paths, and epic LA bike routes to jump start your adventure. Biking is optimal all times of year in Los Angeles, and boosts your physical and mental well being by getting you out and about in the fresh air. To stay safe in 2020, buy a new bike and experience all that LA has to offer. During these unprecedented times, we encourage you to skip the busses, avoid public transit, get out of your car, and enjoy LA the safe way- on a bike! (Bonus points if it’s one of our new bikes for sale, or on one of our many bike tours of LA!)

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3. Biking is the Coolest Way to See LA

Not to brag, but…okay, we’re going to brag. LA is one of the most beautiful places on earth, all year round. We’ve got the mountains, we’ve got the beach, we’ve got (mostly) clear sunny skies, and we’ve got short shorts and jorts weather year round. We’ve obviously been saying this for years, but there’s no better way to get around town than on a bicycle, with the wind whipping through your hair, shades on, sunshine on your face…need we say more? As we mentioned above, LA is one of the most bike friendly cities in the USA, and also one of the prettiest places to explore via bike. You won’t be able to ascend Mount Hollywood and bike past the Hollywood Sign across the 9 miles of Bike trails that transverse Griffith Park in a car! You won’t be able to cruise past 30+ celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, stop and pose for a few pics, and dodge paparazzi if you have to worry about finding parking. And you cannot burn nearly 1,000 calories on a daylong tour of all of Los Angeles if you’re stuck in traffic on the 405. The houses are gorgeous, the people are even more gorgeous, and the Instagram pictures you’ll get on your bike tour of LA will be the most gorgeous you’ve ever taken. Give us a call and inquire about our thoughts on the best places to bike in LA.

Take our epic LA in a Day Bike Tour!

4. You can take a Bike Tour of LA!

Now that you’ve pedaled your way across LA, now that you understand why now is the best time to buy a new bike, and are just an all around pro, join us one one of our popular bike tours of Los Angeles! You already know that biking and hiking are the safest way to get across town, and our bike tours are the perfect way to combine a killer workout with incredible, up close and personal secrets of Los Angeles. We are now also offering the opportunity for you and your family to make any of our tours of LA private, allowing you for a safe, exclusive, VIP experience! Here are our favorite bike tours of LA at Bikes and Hikes LA:


Soak up the sun on our LA in a Day bike tour!



Hello Hollywood! Try our Hollywood Bike Tour for our favorite Tinseltown haunts.



Bike with us through Beverly Hills!


…and finally….

5. Bike Shop LA just got THESE beautiful new bikes!

Bike Shop LA has stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are thriving. We get new bikes in regularly, and this week, we got our coolest bikes yet. For both the city biker and the little rider in your life, check out the new bikes we got this week:



Our new Raleigh Cadent bikes for sale are just what the doctor ordered! This is a perfect marriage of a lightweight, speedy road bike, and a sturdy, stable mountain bike. The Raleigh Cadent Bike is excellent for city bikers and for commuting. The Cadent is a perfect choice for cruising around the city or on the LA beach bike path. The wheels are 700c and the frame, a custom alloy, make for a fast, efficient ride. The bike’s geometry make it a stable and comfortable fit for riders of all ages. The 35c tires make for a smooth ride, providing traction on all paths, mountain, city, or commuting. The Raleigh Cadent’s 21 speeds, rack fender mats and wheels are a powerful combination to help you conquer wherever the road takes you next. They are an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy a new bike today!



Our new Raleigh Detour bike is about to rock your bike riding world. and give you the confidence to cruise effortlessly into 2021 and good times ahead. This bike is a fusion of form, fashion, and function, and its quick, comfortable fit will allow you to effortlessly conquer the world- whether it’s commuting to work, picking up the kids from school, or just enjoying an LA bike ride. The Detour has a comfortable, upright position, narrow tires, and large rims for a faster, more efficient commute. A bike for all distances, the Detour’s frame is rack and fender ready for city riding and commuting. The Detour is lightweight, offers an 8-speed trigger shifter (Shimano EZ Fire), and offers effortless 24 gears, no slip pedals, comfortable grips, and an overall enjoyable riding experience. Distance and durability meet comfort and convenience with the Raleigh Detour Bike.



The Readline Roam bike is a knockout bike for the little rider in your life! With its racing style geometry, sleek steel frame, and tall handlebars, this freewheel bikes is the perfect transition vehicle for riders looking to upgrade from a coaster brake. The Roam’s sport graphics add racer style, and the 20 inch alloy rust-resistant wheels keep the Roam ready to rock across all seasons. The Roam is perfect for children riding on the roads, sidewalk, bike path, park, or future Tour de France of their dreams– get set to take off on the Roam! The bike is slightly larger than our typical kids bikes at Bike Shop LA, making both the Roam and the Rival available for kids looking for a bigger fit.

For kids ready to ride with hand brakes on the sidewalk, the bike path, or at the park, the Roam will open up a path to new adventures.



The Redline RIVAL BMX BIKE is one of the coolest kids bikes we’ve ever seen. Let the little BMX racer in your life ride in style on the new Redline Rival! This is the perfect entry-level 20 inch freestyle BMX bike. The bike is slightly larger than our typical kids bikes at Bike Shop LA, making both the Rival and the Roam available for kids looking for a bigger fit. The 8 inch big-box bars, Redline Monster padded saddle, freestyle tires, and top load stem for wheelie assist make the Rival ready for some serious shredding.


There has literally never been a better time to buy a new bike. Now that you know why, help us help you find your perfect new bicycle at Bike Shop LA. We are open 7 days a week- give us a call today. We look forward to helping you ride out of 2020 on a high note, and on a new bicycle.

Written by: Elizabeth Conway

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