The Best Bikes in Los Angeles

bikes los angeles

Welcome to Summer 2022! The world is opening up, you can travel freely again, and the safest place in the US to visit is Los Angeles. At Bike Shop LA, we believe that the best way to see LA is by bike, and that’s why we’re a one-stop shop for new bikes, popular bikes, LA tours, and the best bikes in Los Angeles. We carry premium bicycle brands and accessories, and everything you need to be riding in style on your bike tour of LA. However– we’ll let you in on a little secret. The cycling community can be an intimidating one, on or off road. There is a LOT of technical jargon, skill, and differing opinions on the best bike to buy. Here’s the thing- you don’t need to be an expert cyclist- or even an experienced cyclist at all- to jump start your bike riding career today! This author knew next to nothing about bikes before writing about them regularly, and the trick is- you just need to find the right bike that fits you. Fortunately, our expert team of bike enthusiasts, LA bike mechanics, LA tour guides, and bike shop staff are ready and raring to go to help you kick off your bike buying journey, and get you onto the road riding in LA in no time. Bike Shop LA has the top bicycle brands to have you riding in style this summer- check out our bicycle guide below, and choose the best bicycles in Los Angeles for you!



bikes los angeles

Go exploring on the Diamondback Current- designed to handle smooth roads efficiently and quickly. The traction is excellent, and the Current is an efficient model, capable of taking you anywhere on or off the road. If biking all over Los Angeles is what you seek to do, grab a Diamondback Current from us today- get charged up!

Pedal Bikes Los Angeles

Momentum iNeed Street

If you’re looking for the top commuter bikes in Los Angeles, check out a Momentum iNeed Street. This classic, upright design and stable, smooth frame will take you from home, to work, and beyond- all while looking cool as all getout. The Momentum iNeed Street collection is a staple at Bike Shop LA, where you can test ride one of these and other top Los Angeles bikes.

Giant Escape 3

bikes los angeles giant escape 3

Giant Escape 3

Whether you’re riding to work, riding home for the weekend, or riding off into the sunset, the Giant Escape 3 does it all- this sleek, comfortable LA bike has excellent position, fast 700c wheels, is sporty, and suitable for all kinds of trails, from LA bike routes to country roads. Escape on your Giant and shop this and other top bikes at Bike Shop LA.

iZip Alki 1

bikes los angeles izip alki

iZip Alki


Take this bike from day to night – the Alki 1 is the perfect hybrid between riding long distances on a Los Angeles City Tour or for zipping back and forth on your commute. It’s got a comfortable aluminum frame and upright rider position, multiple gears, excellent grips, and big rims, for city riding and beyond. It’s durable, it’s delightful, and it’s one of our favorite bikes for sale in LA.

Diamondback Line

diamondback line bike los angeles

Diamondback Line Bike Los Angeles

Looking for a lightweight hardtail that will take you anywhere you need to go? Check out the sleek frame of the Line, letting you blaze through all terrain with precision like no other. The Line is lightweight, yet solid, with hydraulic life brakes. It’s something old, something new, and most importantly, something BOLD.

Diamondback Hook

bikes los angeles diamondback hook

Diamondback Hook

The Diamondback Hook is an all season bike, designed for all kinds of fun LA activities. If you feel like taking off on local LA trails, riding through city streets, biking along the beach, what have you- buy a Diamondback Hook from Bike Shop LA today. The Hook has a low slung modern frame, manuevers well, and handles LA bike trails like a pro. We’ll also offer you the best deal on a Diamondback Hook at Bike Shop LA!

Giant Talon

giant talon bike los angeles

Giant Talon Bike

Looking for a lightweight frame and sleek modern design? Built on a lightweight ALUXX frameset and modern geometry, the Talon is a perfect bike for aspiring bike trail riders. This is one of our most popular LA bikes at Bike Shop LA.

Giant ATX

giant atx bike los angeles

Giant ATX Bike

This bike has a lightweight, durable frame, and resembles a mountain bike in its rugged personality. The frame and suspension fork absorb bumps and all types of terrain, and the bike has powerful brakes, making it the perfect all-weather LA bike. Take it from the mountains to the beach, and everywhere in between!

Roam 4

giant roam 4 disc bike los angeles

Giant Roam 4 Disc

This pro bike is the perfect hybrid between a road bike and a mountain bike. The frame absorbs shocks and allows you to cruise comfortably through Los Angeles and beyond on this elite Giant model. The wheels are the most advanced in the game, and can handle all types of terrain- take yours on an LA tour or bike trail!

Liv Flourish

bikes los angeles

Liv Flourish

The lightweight aluminum frame of the Flourish is an excellent ride through your LA neighborhood and anywhere else you’re hoping to explore! It’s an easy ride, and a great bike for the whole family. This bicycle is available at Bike Shop LA, and is waiting for you to kick off your Los Angeles bike riding adventures.

Liv Flourish FS

Liv Flourish FS Bikes Los Angeles

Liv Flourish FS

Cruise like a pro on the Flourish FS. This dreamy ride has a front suspension and a suspension seatpost with an elegant design, perfect for riding through major cities. It’s easy to hop on and hop off, allowing you to navigate effortlessly through busy LA streets. Take the Flourish FS on your next LA Bike adventure or tour!

Diamondback Metric 2

Diamondback Metric Bike Los Angeles

Diamondback Metric Bike Los Angeles

Feel like straddling the line between an excellent, speedy commuter bike, or a sturdy upright mountain bike? Check out the Metric 1, a cross between a nimble road bike and an epic mountain bike. From the city to the hills, the Metric will take yyou where you need to go- it’s truly one of the best bikes in Los Angeles. Start your next adventure on the Metric 1.

E-Bikes Los Angeles

Feeling the need for speed? Bike Shop LA carries the best electric bikes in Los Angeles – or as we like to call them, ebikes. These sleek, incredible machines will significantly upgrade your transport game, whether you’re zipping to the grocery store or across town on an LA Tour Adventure. Start your electric bike journey with Bike Shop LA today!

Giant Roam E

Giant Roam Electric Bike Los Angeles

Giant Roam Electric Bike Los Angeles

The new Roam E+ blends the best qualities of a mountain bike and a road bike and helps you ride smooth roads, rough roads, bike paths or trails. It’s fun, easy and ready to roll and comes with a powerful SyncDrive Core motor and EnergyPak 400 battery that allows you to ride farther without running out of power.

Diamondback Union

diamondback bikes los angeles

Diamondback Union 1

Looking for an electric bike that gets the job done? The Class 3 Union is the perfect LA ebike for you. Its elite aluminum frame is powered by a Bosch motor, features minimalist designs, and 10-speeds designed to take you anywhere you’d like to go. Ride with ease and grace on an LA City Tour and through the streets of Los Angeles on the Diamondback Union- and say yes to a smooth ride!

Thus, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. When it comes to buying bikes in Los Angeles, come to Bike Shop LA and snag your new bike today. We’re open 365 days per year, and can’t wait to get you riding in style on the best bikes in Los Angeles. Happy Trails!