New Bikes


New Bikes

At Bike Shop LA, we stock excellent new bikes that will be enjoyed for many miles! What helps ensure this to be true is the build process that our new bicycles go through before reaching the sales floor. Our mechanics meticulously assemble and adjust your new bike so you can enjoy the ride. The assembly process not only reaches all industry safety standards, but excels ahead by thinking of the future. A new bike purchased at Bike Shop LA comes with 1 year of free service and a full free Tune-up in the first year as well. Have some more questions? Head to the Contact page to find out more or stop in and talk with one of our bike professionals.

High Quality Bike Builds

Our professional bicycle build thinks about your future. Not only do we assemble and adjust every new bike on our sales floor, but we also do things to prevent the customer from needing to come back week after week for pesky minor adjustments. Our mechanics are trained to pre-stretch the cables in the bike, so when the first adjustment happens, it stays there. We also pre stretch the spokes and true the wheels multiple times before the bike reaches the customer. This ensures that you will have a great riding bike that is most importantly, safe to ride. We also adjust all the bearings on the bike to make sure the customer gets the smoothest ride with the least amount of resistance. As an added bonus, we also cover all adjustments on the bike for the first year when purchasing new bikes and you can get a full Tune-up for free with in the first year of purchase as well.

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