Mountain Bikes

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The used mountain bikes we sell come from our rental fleet after a season of use, which means that they’re trail tested and professionally maintained. These trail riders can handle any terrain you throw at them, from single-track and cross-country terrain to downhill trails.
And they’re perfect for the bumps and potholes you often find in Los Angeles.

As with all our bikes, we provide FREE basic tune-ups for the first six months of owning the bike, and set you up with any mountain bike accessories you’ll need for your ride. Come by and test ride a mountain bike!

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Mountain bikes are meant to be ridden on off-road trails, but many people use them in the city. Their wide, knobby tires and upright riding position can make them great all-round bikes for many people. Most mountain bikes now have suspension shocks and mountain bike disc brakes, and are typically used on dirt trails. But the term mountain bike is also a category of bike (as compared to a road bike), so it encompasses many styles of cycling and can look very similar to other bikes that might not be considered good for off-road use.

Broadly speaking, a mountain bike could be any bike with wide, flat handlebars and knobby tires. That’s what bikes looked like before the distinction was made between road and mountain bikes, so many people easily confuse mountain bikes, city & urban bikes, city bikes, and urban bikes. People use the term mountain bike in different ways, but for some it’s come to mean a bicycle that is durable and can handle all different terrains. For others it’s a technical distinction.

What we call mountain bikes were developed here in California (mostly in Marin County) starting in the 1970s. A group of hippies and bike racers in the Bay Area (with names that later appeared on many bicycle models and components) threw together some off-road junkers from old cruisers and utility bikes, and ended up inventing the sport of mountain biking. Mountain bikes have grown to include cross-country bikes, downhill bikes, all-mountain bikes, and endure bikes, among others.

Contact us for more info+1 323-515-0070