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Mountain Bike For Sale Los Angeles

Mountain Bikes For Sale

The mountain bikes we sell come from our rental fleet after a season of use, they're trail tested and professionally maintained. These trail riders can handle any terrain you throw at them, from single track and cross-country terrain to downhill trails. And they're perfect for the bumps and potholes you often find in Los Angeles.
As with all our bikes, we provide FREE basic tune-ups for the first 6 months of owning the bike, as well as set you up with bike accessories you’ll need for your ride. Come by and test-ride a mountain bike!

Mountain bikes are meant to be ridden on off-road trails, but many people use them in the city. Their wide, knobby tires and upright riding position can make them great all-round bikes for many people. Most mountain bikes now have suspension shocks and disc brakes, although not all, and for many a cyclists a mountain bike is specifically for riding trails and dirt. But the term mountain bike is also a category of bike, as opposed to a road bike, so it encompasses many styles of cycling, and can look very similar to other bikes which might not be considered good for off-road use.

Broadly speaking, a mountain bike could be any bike with a wide, flat handlebar and knobby tires. For many people, that's what a bike looks like. That's what bikes looked like before the distinction between road and mountain bikes, so many people are confused about the differences between mountain bikes, city & urban bikes, city bikes, urban bikes, and a lot of people just give up and say regular bikes.

What we call mountain bikes were developed here in California, mostly in Marin County, starting in the 1970s. A group of hippies and bike racers in the Bay Area (with names you'd later see on many bicycles and bike components) threw together some off-road junkers from old cruisers and utility bikes, and ended up inventing the sport of mountain biking. Mountain bikes have grown to include cross-country bikes, downhill, all-mountain, enduro and a million other buzzwords. People use the term mountain bike in different ways, but for some it's come to mean a bicycle that is durable and can handle all different terrains. For others it's a technical distinction.

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