Fat Tire Bike

fat tire bike

Fat Tire Bike

You may have heard of a fat tire bike, also known as a fat bike or snow bike, since they've been around since the early 1900's. But it's only in the past few years that fat tire bikes have started amassing a growing legion of fans. 

What's the big (fat) deal? A fat tire bike is versatile and can help you conquer lots of different terrain. Yeah, fat tire bikes are great in the snow, but they're also fantastic on just about any trail (hello, year-round biking, even if you're not here in Southern California). 

An obvious question is if fat bikes handle like mountain bikes, and the answer is... sorta. Mountain bikes used to handle differently than fat bikes. But newer models have made handling much closer to traditional mountain bikes. So, for all intents and purposes, modern day fat bikes are mountain bikes.

Just like every other bike style, fat tire bikes are available in lots of different materials like aluminum, carbon, titanium, bamboo, and steel. With any bike purchase, be it fat bike or otherwise, you'll want to go into the process knowing what type of riding you plan to do, and what kind of budget you've got. 

The "fat" in "fat tire bike" obviously comes from its wider tires that provide more traction in both dirt and snow. They climb uphill like no other bike can (except maybe an electric bike). Wider tires equals low pressure, typically under 10psi (traction! floatation!). Or, for some real traction, you can even pick up some studded tires!

Being a Los Angeles-based bike shop means we get a little more choice when it comes to weather. In other words, we can drive to the snow when we want to experience it rather than getting pummeled by it. Even if you're not riding your fat tire bike in the snow, you can still enjoy it on all your well-traveled trails. It's a whole new big fat feel!

Still not convinced you need a fat tire bike? Contact us at Bike Shop LA, or better yet, come in for a test ride on a Momentum iRide Rocker!

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