Bike Repair Los Angeles

Bike Repair Los Angeles

Bike Repairs

You need fast, professional bike repair in Los Angeles and Hollywood for any type of bicycle. You need Bike Shop LA.

Because our lead bike mechanic has over 10 years of experience working on and selling bicycles, you'll get great service with zero bike-snob attitude when you have bike repairs performed at Bike Shop LA. We're happy to provide service on your bike including high-end road racers, mountain trail riders, commuter bikes, and anything in between.

Your most common bike repair is a flat tire, and Bike Shop LA can fix it in 5 minutes! We're also here to handle your bike tune-up. Stop in to Bike Shop LA to have our mechanic look over your bike and give you an estimate.

Bike Shop LA will upgrade or change out components on your favorite ride, restore a classic bike to its former glory, and handle those tricky-to-tackle bike repairs. Even when you just don't know what's wrong with your bike, Bike Shop LA is here to help. When you're looking for a bike repair shop in LA, remember that Bike Shop LA has affordable rates and quick turn-around times. Most of all, Bike Shop LA is happy to evaluate your bicycle repair needs when you bring your bike to us.

Basic Tuneup

Tune-Up $60

Of course, you're coming to Bike Shop LA when you need a bike repair, but you should also be coming in when you need a Tune Up. We'll true wheels, adjust wheel bearings, adjust headset bearings, adjust bottom bracket bearings, adjust brake cable tension, align brake pads, adjust derailleurs, lube chain, clean your bike, and  provide a thorough safety check of your bike.

Because we want to send you on a safe journey, we'll also we'll let you know if your bike needs any other repairs. A bike Tune-Up should be performed approximately every 6 months to 1 year, and Bike Shop LA is here to do it!

Deluxe Tuneup

Deluxe Tune-up $90

A Bike Shop LA Deluxe Tune-Up includes all the services from the standard bicycle tune-up in addition to replacing brake pads and all the cables and housing on the bike. Plus, Bike Shop LA is THE place for bike repair you may need.

A Deluxe Tune-Up service should be performed if you haven't given your bike much love recently. It's also a great option if you have a big ride coming up. You should get a Deluxe Tune-Up pproximately every 1 to 2 years.

Complete Tuneup

Complete Overhaul $200

A Complete Overhaul at Bike Shop LA includes all the services from the Tune-Up and Deluxe Tune-Ups, in addition to stripping down your bike, carefully checking every part for wear and damage, cleaning and lubricating as necessary, fully re-assembling to the manufacturer's specifications, and alerting you if your bike needs repair.

Bike Shop LA's Complete Overhaul package also includes new inner tubes and cables for your brakes and shifters.

Bike Repair is our specialty at Bike Shop LA, and our bike mechanics will give advice on parts upgrades so you'll get the most out of your bike's components. At Bike Shop LA, we live and breathe cycling, therefore we love talking bike tech. We can answer your questions about proper bike-fit, parts compatibility, the newest gadgets, and even how to make your bike city-proof.

The team at Bike Shop LA are cyclists, too! We we have tons of experience helping cyclists of all levels and backgrounds. Obviously, we understand what it's like to ride the streets, trails, roads, and canyons around Los Angeles and all of California. So, when you come to Bike Shop LA, we'll get you back on the road!

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