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Besides a great bike, every cyclist needs gear and bike accessories for a great ride. That's why we've got everything you may need to keep you safe and having fun. For starters, every cyclist needs a helmet, lights, a kryptonite lock and a bike map of Los Angeles. That's why we've got great deals on basic starter-kit bundles to get you rolling safely and securely on any budget. Plus if you're looking to upgrade your gear, we've got you covered. We have all the tools and gadgets you need to be prepared for any weather condition, any roadside repair, any adventure you can imagine. Cycling equipment is constantly evolving, so come by the bike shop in Los Angeles to check out the latest bike accessories. Contact us if you have any questions!

Bike Helmet


We carry helmets from Aerious and other quality manufacturers, and all our helmets conform to the safety standards of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. 75% of cyclist fatalities involve a head injury, so put safety first and wear a helmet!

Bike Light

Light Set

The law requires that your bike is equipped with a front white light and a rear red light when riding at night, and the LAPD does issue tickets for violations. Our lightsets will bring you into compliance with the law, but more importantly they keep you safe and visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Bike Lock


You get a quality lock that allows you to lock up your bike in the city, without worrying about your bike getting stolen. Any lock can be broken if the thief has enough time, but a good quality lock will require too much time for a thief to stick around long enough to figure it out.

Bike Map of Los Angeles


Our bike maps of the city of Los Angeles have up-to-date details on current bike lanes. While it's not absolutely necessary that you follow bike lanes, they create a safer path for your ride, and make it clear to motorists that you as a cyclist have every right to use the roads.

New and Used Bike Accessories

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