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Beach Cruisers

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Our Beach Cruisers are simple single speed beach bikes that are guaranteed to give you a relaxed riding style and a chill state of mind. Cruisers are a comfortable solution for the no fuss rider! Headed to the beach? Need a easy ride around town? Beach Cruisers will have you riding in style and comfort! Looking for a light bike that is easy to carry up the stairs? Our Beach Cruisers are very light, especially compared to old Schwinn style cruiser bikes. We carry new Critical Cycles Beach Cruisers in stock and used Cruisers from Giant, Specialized, Trek, etc. All of this for the most affordable price in Los Angeles, new cruisers start at just $195.00! Don't forget to load the bike up on the accessories! Baskets, lights, locks, and etcera are a must have!

What are Beach Cruisers?

Beach Cruisers are at home in Los Angeles, with a laid-back riding style, smooth ride, and classic look. A typical beach cruiser will feature balloon tires, a single-speed drivetrain, coaster (back-pedal) brake, swept-back handlebars, and an ornate frame design. They're simple and easy to ride, perfect for the beach or around the neighborhood.

They are sometimes set up with a basket on the handlebars or a rack over the rear wheel. They're often seen around town carrying everything from groceries to a surfboard, even a favorite pet. They're versatile and stylish, without a lot of complex mechanical parts to break down, rust, or steal.

The simplicity of a beach cruiser is what attracts most riders! Another thing that usually attracts people are the big, comfortable seats! These bicycles are made for the casual rider who goes to the farmers market, park, coffee shop, and obviously the beach!

Perfect for California!

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